• Are all of your items second-hand? Does that mean they’re damaged?

    • All of our items are second-hand, but some are still sealed in their original packaging and most are in excellent condition! Any damage is shown in the photographs of the products.
  • Are your items legit?

    • All of the items we sell are officially licensed merchandise. If we ever receive any goods which don’t look legit, I’ll research them first and set them aside if they’re not official.
  • Do you sell (insert series name here)?

    • If you can’t find a particular series listed in our shop, please feel free to send us a suggestion to stock it! If it’s something we can supply, we’ll look into grabbing some merch to add to our inventory.
  • What’s inside the un/lucky boxes?

    • Now that would be telling! In the spirit of blind boxes, all of the items inside our un/lucky boxes are a total mystery. The listing for these mystery boxes gives a vague idea of what kind of items/how many items might be inside, but the specific contents are a surprise!
  • Do you ship internationally?

    • Unfortunately not. Right now, we only ship to the UK. Sorry about that!
  • Does this item come with its original packaging?

    • As the items we sell are second-hand, most of them won’t have their original boxes or packaging. Any packaging included with the items is usually photographed with it, so if you can’t see a box/packet, it probably won’t come with one.
  • I changed my mind! Can I return this item?

    • Please see our Shipping and Returns Policy for this.
  • My item(s) arrived damaged! Can I get a refund?

    • Please see our Shipping and Returns Policy for this.
  • Who is that in your logo?

    • That’s our mascot – Chuu-chan! The Japanese word for second-hand is 中古 (chuuko), and Chuu-chan is our little pre-loved android baby who helps us run the shop. They may not be the latest model, and they might have a memory chip or two missing, but they love searching their database and finding the perfect second-hand anime items for all of you lovely people!

The art for Chuu-chan was provided by the amazing Kyneonpy on Twitter and Instagram! Go check out their work – it’s beautiful!